Substance Abuse Services

Food Addiction Treatment

Here at FACDC, we believe that overeating, binging, purging and anorexia are a result of an addiction to food.
Our treatment starts with a complete evaluation to find the nature of the problem and the best course of treatment. The client is then paired with the counselor best suited to the individual.
Food plans and education are then worked out with the client, who plays an integral part of his or her’s recovery. Family and group counseling are also available.


Substance Abuse Treatment

We know that addiction to drugs and alcohol are physical and emotional in origin. In order to best treat each individual client, an extensive evaluation will occur, to best match the client with the best counselor.
You and your counselor will then create the proper course of treatment for you, which will include education about the disease of addiction.
Group and family counseling will be offered in order to expand the benefits of you treatment.


Family Counseling

We treat the family as a whole, starting with an evaluation to determine the issues that each individual family faces. Family counseling includes treatment sessions with the whole family, to promote communication and togetherness.
Family education is a big part of the process in which families become stronger and more open.


Adolescent Services

In our agency, we treat adolescents that are themselves in the grip of addiction or are affected by someone else’s addictions. Evaluations are administered, including juvenile automated substance abuse evaluation (JASAE), to best suit the individual teen to maximize recovery.
Addiction education is vitally important for the adolescent to get to the point where drugs and alcohol are no longer part of their day-to-day growth. Family counseling is available and may be used where appropriate.



We believe education about addiction is necessary for clients as well as the community at large. Workshops are offered to the community on:

  • Food addiction
  • Alcoholism
  • Opiate and other drug addiction



Justice System

Food Addiction Chemical Dependency Consultants, LLC, works with adult and juvenile probation.
Treatment includes:

  • Evaluation (including J.A.S.A.E.)
  • Individual Counseling
  • Education
  • Group Counseling



Driver Education Program for Operating Under the Influence

The “Intensive D.E.E.P. Group Treatment Program” offers most OUI offenders to meet Driver Education and Evaluation Program (DEEP) requirements in 6 weeks and features:

  • Psychological and substance use/abuse assesment
  • Individual counseling
  • Interactive educational group
  • Group counseling
  • Substance abuse / use testing to clearly define problems
  • Checklist of client goals to complete program
  • Family and client session
  • OUI prevention plan

All DEEP programs are held in the evening or on Saturday. DEEP programs meet or exceed State requirements. DEEP groups are offered to adults and adolescents.

DEEP Assessments and Individual DEEP Counseling

DEEP Assessment services are available upon request and meets all the criteria for the DEEP Program. It is suggested that interested persons contact DEEP and request that their paperwork be forwarded to Food Addiction Chemical Dependency Consultants, (at the appropriate office location) to assist with the assessment process.
Contact DEEP and request that your paperwork is forwarded to the appropriate office location:



Clinical Supervision

Clinical Supervision is offered to all:

  • Licensed Alcohol Drug Counselors (LADC)
  • Certified Alcohol Drug Counselors (CADC)
  • Alcohol Drug Counselor Aides (ADCA).

This service is offered individually or in a group format.



FACDC works with children that have mental health issues. We also work with children of all ages of addicted parents. The evaluation process is not only fun for the child, it is informative for the counselor to determine the best course of action that will bring your child to a place of self-worth and happiness.



Groups are offered on the following topics:

  • Women’s issues
  • Men’s issues
  • Recovery issues
  • Adult Children of Alcoholic / Co-Dependency issues
  • Suboxone Tapering & Support Groups




Aftercare is offered to all upon completion of formal treatment. Treatment is in a group setting.